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Please note: The following trails are currently closed due to road conditions as a result of flooding:
Upper Wadboo Trail

Recreational Paddling on Berkeley County's Blueways

Man in canoeOur rivers and waterways are history's natural highways. Before there were interstates or even dirt roads, our founders traveled them and moved produce and trade goods by canoe and pole boats. Just a short paddling trip can for all practical purposes create an experience much like those experienced by our forefathers. You can quickly whisk yourself away from the hustle and bustle of today's busy and complicated lifestyles to a much simpler time. A time often referred to as " the good old days " can be relived and shared with your family and friends. Berkeley County has an abundance of waters suitable for canoeing and kayaking that can provide wonderful back to nature experiences for the entire family. In these pages we will provide more detailed information on the recreational opportunities available to you through canoeing and kayaking in Berkeley County.

Using this Paddling Guide

County map depicting all paddling trailsThis guide contains information to help you plan various paddling trips throughout Berkeley County. It includes information and pictures to help you determine where to paddle and yet strives to maintain anticipation for what may lay around the next bend. There are maps included with each trail as well as recent actual photographic mapping. This will allow you to dig down and study not only the trail you intend to paddle but what lies beyond your field of vision from the banks. Maps are resizeable and printable, however file sizes may be large and load times long on dial up connections. In addition to the maps contained here, you can go to the Berkeley County GIS site at to view a detailed interactive map of BerkeleyCounty. County maps are also available from GIS in the Berkeley County office. Call (843) 719-4049 for information. A very detailed map of the Francis Marion National Forest is available from the Witherbee Ranger Station. Call (843) 336-3248 for information. It is our sincere hope that this guide contributes favorably to your enjoyment of our Berkeley County Blueways.

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